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Thursday, May 10, 2012


April 2012
649 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15222
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  1. This was my first time at Meat and Potatoes. I really enjoyed their dirty martinis. There were 5 of us and we decided to switch it up and get a bunch of different appetizers, a couple mussels and a couple flat breads. Although all the food was very good, we ordered way too much - despite the waitress promising us that she would not let us over order or under order. In fact, she talked us into ordering more food which increased our bill significantly. We each had a drink and split the appetizers and our bill was still over $50 each. Next time I go I will know to order much less and not to listen to the waitress - but I will not be passing up the dirty martinis!

  2. This was my second visit to Meat and Potatoes. I think that the bar area is great--nice assortment of specialty cocktail craft beers and the wine pours are a nice size. We ordered 2 flatbreads, 2 types of mussels and at least 5 other types of appetizers. I would recommend the Devil's on Horseback appetizer (wrapped dates) and the Ahi Tuna. I also liked the flatbreads. Agree with Adrianne that the waitress "oversold" us and you should not rely on the servers.