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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Yo Rita

March 2013
1120 East Carson Street, Pittsburgh PA 15203
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  1. Yo Rita's has the best martini I have ever tasted...the ODB. It is vodka with pickle juice and a small bit of habanero puree. Delicious! The tacos were really unique and delicious...but the service was terrible. The bartender was on his game all night and even left the bar occasionally to attend to annoyed customers but other than that - the service was not good. I thought it may have been because our party was larger (7 of us), but after reading some of the other reviews on Urbanspoon, it appears that this is the norm.

  2. I agree that the service wasn't up to par, they could have used another server. Maybe if they took reservations, they'd have an idea of what to expect for an evening. I filled up on chips and salsa due to the time between when we were seated and were able to actually place our order and I couldn't finish my dinner. The drink list had a nice variety. The grits were phenomenal! I had the greens and beans taco, it was interesting, but needed something else. I thought it was a tad bland. The braised chicken taco was really good with crispy tortillas on the top.

  3. The tacos at Yo Rita were great--I had the lamb w/ tzatziki and the artichoke heart w/ goat cheese. Interesting combinations and a cool concept for a casual dinner. The service was AWFUL. Not sure if it was the size of our group or just poor staffing/management. As we had a lot of time to look around I noticed the tables for 2 or 3 got much better service. Don't miss the grits!

  4. Yo Rita's food was great, the service was not. It's really unacceptable to have a table sitting for over an hour and not taken their order yet. I enjoyed the grits and the taco with chorizo and egg. Next time I'll sit at the bar and enjoy the food instead of waiting for table service.