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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Paris 66

April 2013
6018 Penn Circle S, Pittsburgh PA 15206
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  1. I will definitely try this restaurant again. The food was very good, although the chef forgot the most important sauce on the salmon. The salmon was still very good but even better with the sauce. The french onion soup was fabulous and the desserts were even better. I tasted a small piece of a macaroon and it literally melted in your mouth. The prices were reasonable as well. The service was a little slow but it was definitely a nice night out!

  2. I really enjoyed my meal at Paris 66. I ordered the special which 3 for $30. The appetizer was escargot which was great. My entrée was the salmon and the dessert was 3 macaroons. The baguette was great, especially w/ the escargot. The portion size on the salmon was very generous. The macaroons were AMAZING. There were a few blips like the sauce not being added to the salmon and one entrée coming out 5 minutes after the others. Great value on the carafes of house wine. Overall a nice evening out.

  3. I loved that we were able to sit out on the covered patio. I had the beet caprese salad as an appetizer, it was delicious. It was a good balance of flavors and enough to share. The apple crepe for dessert was incredible!

  4. I love the atmosphere of this restaurant. I loved the covered patio, nice feature especially for a spring night. Loved the french onion soup, perfect balance of ingredients. Too often french onion soup has way too much bread or way too many onions, this was perfect. I had a taste of the caprese salad, loved the twist on this traditional salad. Oh my, the desserts! I had the honey/lemon crepe and it was incredible. The macaroons were fabulous and I am still kicking myself for not getting a package to go. Can't wait for the Squirrel Hill bakery to open. The low point of the night for me was my entree. I had the tuna steak with asparagus and risotto. The sides were great but the tuna steak lacked flavor, need some additional seasoning. Overall, I would highly recommend this restaurant to family and friends. Can't wait to go back!